:: New media & Unconventional Art curating and production
:: Lectures and Articles on New media & Unconventional Art
:: Physical Interaction & Arduino projects
:: Translations from English/Catalan/Spanish to Italian (websites, software, manuals, books and articles)
:: Project Management
:: Static, interactive, dynamic & animated sites & portals
:: Multimedia presentation & installations
:: Web & Multimedia design & programming lessons
:: Mac expert


ioHaving studied classic and foreign linguistics, Barbara has turned her eye onto another equally exotic field: the electronic material found in new technologies, many of which have assumed increasing importance on the Internet and in emerging digital media.

While in the commercial environment she realized websites and CD-ROMs, trained and directed development teams in various interactive marketing agencies, in the cultural environment she collaborated in staging various multimedia shows in theatre, concerts and festivals of electroacoustic music. In 2004 she started to collaborate with various magazines and web sites focused on digital culture (in recent times Digicult and Interartive) and to conceive and curate public encounters with international new media artists. After moving to Barcelona in 2005, she came into close contact with the world of free software, free hardware, copyleft licenses, and physical computing.

Currently, her interest is focused on looking for new formats, abandon the places traditionally dedicated to art, confuse the roles of cultural agents and develop new strategies letting the audience to play an active part in all phases of artistic process. Thanks to her growing interest for non conventional and radical art, communication guerrilla, visionary projects and participative actions, she's also permanent member of The Influencers, an annual festival coproduced by CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), where she deals with general production and the actions in public space.